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Maintenance and repair

These vehicles require a considerable number of specialty tools and computer equipment to diagnose and repair correctly. If you are not familiar with these vehicle platforms, it is very easy to further damage the car and advance total failure.


We have all the necessary tools and experience required to perform full services on BMW automobiles. Our technicians are not only ASE certified, but also BMW Factory trained. Our technicians do not install or recommend any parts be replaced unless it is necessary.

Tire Services

Our latest and most advanced addition here at Eurowerks Automotive is in house Tire mounting and balancing services. State of the art tire mounting and dismounting on even the most delicate wheel is possible by means of our COATS APX90. This piece of equipment gives us the capacity to mount wheels ranging from 9

Performance Tuning

From the average BMW driver looking for a minor upgrade, to the full out enthusiast, Eurowerks Automotive is your one stop shop. Our familiarity with BMW automobiles allows us to aid you in modifying your driving machine to your liking, while maintaining the quality, reliability, and drivability built into your BMW.

Our Team

Our team are dedicated, customer centric, professional, and hard working. We ensure that you leave happy with your service.


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